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Rolf Ulrich Kramer
MindWalking Founder

My name is Rolf Ulrich Kramer. I grew up at the river Rhine close to Mainz, and have studied psychology at the university of that city. After graduating with my MA in 1975 I knew a lot about conditioning theory, client-centered therapy, depth psychology and personality questionnaires, but nothing about the subjects of spirituality and consciousness. This was fully excluded in the curriculum of those days.

Yet it is by means of our wakeful consciousness that we put order into our life, be it private, family or business. Rather an important issue then – where was the answer to be found?

So I hopefully immersed myself in the stream of eastern wisdom which back then, in the seventies, came washing across to the west, only to discover that the ultimate answer was not to be found there either. Both were right, I came to see, western psychology as well as its eastern counterpart.

Now what? I combined the experiences and insights I had had in meditation, yoga, Aikido, and kinesiology, with the fundamentals of psychology and the methods of science I knew from university. Also I made it a point providing tools for my clients which would enable them to help themselves. It turned out that understanding and applying some very few basics are sufficient in order for people to further their personal development.

The same showed in my work with clients from the corporate world, at least as far as the problem was with people rather than with figures and finance. The resolution of difficulties in business quite often springs to view, if one takes the time to really listen.

In the course of the years I began to develop my own way of working in the field of personal analysis and coaching, a way which could be handed on to my clients as well as to other interested parties. I began to train people in what I was doing, and eventually this training course came to be called „MindWalking“ in 1996.

Regarding the question of the nature of consciousness I have found my answer. It is of heartfelt importance to me that many others should find their own answer based on their own insight. Supporting them in their quest is a great joy for me.

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